Language Technology For Female Desire

Getting that „deer inside the headlights” look from a cute girl is a pretty good feeling.

When you are talking to her, and also you notice that she’s got virtually her entire concentrating on you.

Her face is pointed toward you, her toes are pointed toward you, and her chest is pointed towards you.

Her body is open, her face is open, her pupils are dilated, and her lips are swollen and slightly parted, using a slight smile to be with her face. language of desire pdf

She’s got that awesome expression of positive expectation, where’s she’s half expecting and half hoping that she’s planning to get something good.

Of your stuff.

Now, most guys treat this happy situation like some kind of random chance. They believe it only happens to ultra players, or it just happens if she’s had enough to consume, or the most common, it only happens to OTHER guys.
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But here’s the good news.

With the right language technology, (NOT memorized language patterns) it is possible to create this in pretty much any woman you meet.

Granted, some women will fight it, rather than allow it to happen. Ladies who „only” date certain guys, ladies who have issues, and even married women.

Nevertheless the feelings will still be there.

How can you create them?

By conversationally eliciting those wonderful feelings that individuals ALL have, and then attaching those feelings to you personally.

Now, this WILL take the time, a good twenty to thirty minutes of conversation, sometimes longer.

It isn’t like some magic line you memorize, walk up and goes.

It requires „in the moment thinking,” where you take HER responses, weave them in to the conversation, and then give them back to her in the special way.

Meaning that since every girl is unique, every conversation will probably be different.

Kind of like fighting techinques. You do the same drills, educate yourself on the same moves, in every fight you utilize different combinations, different openers, etc.

The things you say when you walk over will rarely not be the same.

But because all of them are based on the same core language technology, you are able to take whatever she does, and whatever she says, and then use it to significantly and quickly increase her desire and attraction for you.

And just like martial arts, you won’t be able to master this inside a weekend. It will take consistent practice and effort.

But when you DO master fraxel treatments, you WILL have an extraordinary quantity of power not only with girls, but with every other person you speak with.


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